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Our best services

Our best services

We represent top universities and educational institutions around the world and offer end-to-end counselling and application management services to students seeking overseas education in the amazing destinations around the globe like Australia, Canada,Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Test Preparation

Competitive exams such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and PTE are the biggest hurdles that aspiring students face during the overseas education application process.

If you wish to study or work in Germany, you’ll need to learn the German language. We offer German language instruction at all levels, from A1 to B2. The activity-based teaching techniques are enjoyable and place a greater emphasis on speaking, assuring your proficiency in the language. We have Goethe-certified trainers who are skilled and experienced.

These examinations are structured to ensure the required skills such as verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing ability, communication, and so on.

In addition, all our students have complete access to our library of supplemental tools and practice tests which possess a great influence on our students on the day of their exam. Staff is present all the time for the students to help them with problems they have for the test preparation and to solve all their doubts and questions.

University Applications

We understand the Why’s of the procedures as well as the How’s and in turn, ensure the best admission to the best possible universities with optimum chances of financial aids.

It is highly personalized counseling with a limited number of cases handled every term. We look beyond short term gains like guaranteed admissions.

Our abroad education consultants help the students with the selection of the right course and universities that is best suitable for them depending on their interests.

We are confident that our students will realize the value of the advice we give them. Our advice given can be taken at face value as all our cost projections stand verifiable.

Visa Consultancy

Techno dominated and system-centric countries like America and Europe offer the best lifestyle in the world in any discipline. When an Indian Student thinks of the International Visa there are butterflies in the stomach.

There is a perception that students can’t get visas easily to go abroad. Every decision to approve a visa is viewed through the prism of national security and financial constraints in the case.

It is therefore important to have a proper understanding of the visa procedures to all countries to make one’s attempt to the desired visa successful.

Our aim with regard to providing study visa consultancy is to give full information specifically preparing the applicants, and counseling them for a student visa and pointing out how the applicant and sponsor should prepare themselves and be: “FIRST TIME RIGHT” to avoid rejection.